GEOHAB Report Series and Publications

Below GEOHAB publications presented by theme. A list by title is avalable here

Science Plan 







Implementation Plan




Upwelling Systems




Eutrophic Systems

Fjords and Coastal Embayments



Stratified Systems



Benthic Systems




GEOHAB Modelling










 List of papers published based on GEOHAB endorsed research (download as End-note zip file)


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Special GEOHAB issue of the Elsevier Journal 'Harmful Algae' entitled ‘HABs and Eutrophication’. 


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Special issue of 'Oceanography', Volume 18, No. 2 on the comparative approach to HAB research and GEOHAB .



The individual articles may be downloaded at no charge (just open the individual article and save to your computer). You can also save the cover graphic (right-click and save it to your computer).  


Reports of the ICES-IOC-SCOR Working Group on Implementation of GEOHAB in the Baltic:  




  1. Helsinki 2007


  2. Helsinki 2004 


  3. Stockholm 2002 
  4. Dublin 2001
  5. Cooperative Plan
  6. Invitation to Participate