SSC Terms of Reference

The Scientific Steering Committee of the GEOHAB Programme will

  1. Coordinate and manage GEOHAB Core Research Projects (CRPs) in accordance with the GEOHAB Science and Implementation Plans. 

  2. Identify gaps in knowledge required to execute CRPs, and encourage targeted research activities to fill those gaps.

  3. Review progress on CRPs over time and initiate new CRPs in priority research areas.

  4. Foster framework activities to facilitate implementation of GEOHAB, including dissemination and information tools.

  5. Establish appropriate data management activities to ensure access to, sharing of, and preservation of GEOHAB data, taking into account the data policies of the sponsors.

  6. Promote comparative and interdisciplinary research on harmful algal blooms by providing coordination and communication services to national and regional research groups, encouraging explicit affiliation with GEOHAB via the endorsement process.

  7. Collaborate, as appropriate, with intergovernmental organizations and their subgroups (e.g., ICES, PICES, FANSA, ANCA, WESTPAC/HAB, HANA, NOWPAP), as well as related research projects (e.g., GLOBEC, LOICZ, IMBER) and observational systems such as the Global Ocean Observing System and its regional alliances.

  8. Report regularly to SCOR, the IOC Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms (IPHAB), and the global HAB research community on the state of planning and accomplishments of GEOHAB, through annual reports and, as appropriate, the GEOHAB Web site, a GEOHAB Newsletter, Harmful Algal News, special sessions at scientific meetings, and other venues.

  9. Interact with agency sponsors to stimulate the support of GEOHAB implementation through various mechanisms (e.g., direct support of GEOHAB initiatives and integration of the GEOHAB approach in national programs).


  • Acronyms:

  • ANCA = IOC HAB working group for Central America and Caribbean Sea

  • FANSA = IOC HAB working group for South America

  • HANA = IOC HAB working group for North Africa

  • GLOBEC = Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics project

  • ICES = International Council for the Exploration of the Seas

  • IMBER = Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research project

  • IOC = Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

  • LOICZ = Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone project

  • NOWPAP = UNEP Northwest Pacific Action Plan (of UNEP)

  • PICES = North Pacific Marine Sciences Organization

  • SCOR = Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research

  • WESTPAC/HAB = IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific HAB working group