Mission and Strategy

The GEOHAB Mission:

Foster international co-operative research on HABs in ecosystem types  sharing common features, comparing the key species involved and the oceanographic  processes that influence their population dynamics.

GEOHAB is an international programme that co-ordinates and builds on related national, regional and international efforts in HAB research within an ecological and oceanographic context.  GEOHAB will encourage combined experimental, observational and modelling approaches, using current and innovative technologies in a multidisciplinary approach that is consistent with the multiple scales and oceanographic complexity of HAB phenomena. Through such efforts, the emergence of a truly global synthesis of scientific results should be attained.


The GEOHAB Strategy:

The approach of the GEOHAB Programme is comparative, from the  cellular to the ecosystem level. GEOHAB fosters research that is interdisciplinary,  focusing on the important interactions among biological, chemical, and physical processes.  GEOHAB also fosters research that is multifaceted as the problems are complex and  interactions and processes occur on a broad range of scales. Finally, GEOHAB research  should be international in scope to encompass the global issues of HAB events.

GEOHAB is not a funding programme; rather, its research and related activities will be sponsored by national, regional, or international funding agencies that must respond to diverse scientific priorities, while permitting access to national facilities, resources and expertise. GEOHAB will provide a framework for the integration of resources of many countries and the expertise of many individual scientists in the study of HAB population dynamics.